Section 8 Company Registration (NGO)

Section 8 Company Registration in Jharkhand- A Section 8 Company is named after the Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. The segment applies to the fuse of a relationship for advancing business, religion, workmanship and culture, training, philanthropy, inquire about, science, sports, social welfare, ecological security or some other beneficent goal; , gave that any conceivable earned benefits may be connected for advancing the destinations of the affiliation and no profit is to paid to its individuals. It is a kind of organization which is set up with the goal to advance business, expressions, science, sports, instruction, examine, social welfare, insurance of the earth or some other such item.

A NGO can be enlisted as a Section 8 organization under the Companies Act 2013 or as a trust under the Trust Act 1882 or as a general public under the Societies Act 1860.Section 8 Company Registration is the course of joining of a NGO under the Companies Act 2013.

Area 8 organization enrollment can be gotten under the arrangements of the Companies Act, 2013. The primary points of Section 8 organizations are of advancing expressions, trade, and so on Area 8 organization enlistment as it gives various advantages like tax assessment benefits, no stamp obligation for segment 8 organization enrollment, and gives greater validity.

A segment 8 Company can be enrolled for advancing Art, Science, Commerce, Technology, Sports, Education, Social Research, Social Welfare, Religion, Charity and Protection of Environment and so on A Section 8 Company can work anyplace in India after succesful finishing of the enrollment interaction.

A segment 8 organization is an organization enrolled under Companies, Act 2013 with a non-benefit intention. Assuming varies from an organization in different perspectives and the pay of the Section 8 organization should be utilized to advance just magnanimous articles.

According to the Companies Act, 2013, Section 8 Company alludes to an enterprise that plans to boost expressions, sciences, sports, instruction, climate conservation, social government assistance, noble cause, or other comparable goals.

A definitive complaint of enlisting Section 8 Company is to boost non-benefit objectives, for example, exchange, expressions, business, training, good cause, climate insurance, sports research, social government assistance, and so forth To enroll a Section 8 substance, something like two chiefs are required. Likewise, there is no impulse of getting least settled up cash-flow to set up such an organization.

An individual or a gathering of individual who wishes to frame Section 8 organization can make an application to the Registrar of Companies with the assistance of the necessary structures to shape an organization with magnanimous purposes under Section 8 of Companies Act. On the off chance that the Central Government is fulfilled, it would permit such an application however in its own specific manner and conditions asked under the permit conceded by it. When obtained, the Registrar of Companies will enlist the organization when the candidate clears every one of the necessary expenses.

Segment 8 organization is a partnership, enlisted as a Non-Profit Organization (NPO). The significant expectation contains the advancement of expressions, business, good cause, instruction, security of the climate, etc. In this way, the use of its benefits, if any, or other pay is used to advance the goals. It works correspondingly like a restricted organization which incorporates every one of the freedoms and commitments that accompany such a company. It is fundamental to specify that it contrasts from an organization in one exceptionally vital viewpoint, that it can’t utilize the words “Segment 8” or “Restricted” in its name.

These are restricted organizations which are enrolled under the Companies Act and would be treated as restricted organizations without the expression “restricted” added towards their name. They may have been enrolled as private restricted or public restricted organizations.

Segment 8 Companies are a legitimate structure for Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) or Non-Governmental associations (NGOs). A Section 8 Company has the option to work wherever in the country.

It is essential to recollect that such organizations must be restricted organizations. The honors and commitments of the restricted organizations apply to this case. These organizations don’t need to incorporate the words like ” Limited” or ” Private Limited” in its name like either organizations need to.

Eligibility for section 8 Company registration.

  • Minimum Two People
  • No Minimum Capital 
  • One Resident Director 
  • Unique Name
  • Social or Welfare Object 
  • No Profit Distribution

Required Document for section 8 company registration

Identity proof of Directors and Shareholders

  1. PAN Card for Indian Nationals.
  2. Passport for Foreign Nationals.
  3. Proof of nationality for Foreign Nationals
  4. Proof of Identity (Voter ID/Passport/Driving License) (any one)
  5. Resolution of the board of company / LLP for authorization of director/partner.
  6. 2 Passport size photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a section 8 company?

Any association that works for advancement of craftsmanship, science, instruction, sports, social welfare, look into, philanthropy, religion, ecological insurance or some other such goal. It is anything but difficult to deal with a Section 8 Company when contrasted with a Trust or a Society.

Q. What are the key features of a section 8 company?

  • Objective 
  • Not revenue driven 
  • Utilization of funds and earnings

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