ISO certification

We provide ISO Certification in Jharkhand services for all forms of business entities engaged in any type of business activity. We have tied ups with various International Accreditation Boards that makes it easier for us to serve our clients with the best ISO certification services in Jharkhand matching their needs.

Till date there are more than 21000 Published ISO standards, depending upon the use and activity being carried on by the business it is necessary to pin point the exact ISO Standard suited for the business. We provide our clients consultancy services in order to cater there business certification requirements.


1.  It adds additional value to the brand

2.  It generates a level of confidence on the ultimate consumer of the goods

3.  Many Industries are compulsorily required to obtain ISO Certification for the purpose of carrying on their business.

ISO 9000 is the standard that deals with Quality management. It was formulated to help organization adhere to the basic goal of customer satisfaction, quality improvement and stakeholder confidence. It denotes that the management of the business is working fine to give its best to all the stakeholders of the Industry.

In this competitive business era it is always beneficial to stay ahead of our competitors in order to grow our business and earn more and more profit. In order to attain these motives it is necessary that our business must be ahead of other, just like a tie pin in a neck tie, this very purpose is served by ISO Certification. A label containing the words ISO 9001:2015 certified is most likely to attract more customer attention that a normal brand, because ISO certification proves the fact that the product is adhering to certain standards and it is safe to use this products. So it is always advisable for any business to get itself ISO certified if it wants to grow in this competitive era.

Documents Required for Obtaining ISO Certification:

  1. Copy of Pan Card of Proprietor/Partner/Director/Trustee/Karta/Member/Authorised signatory
  2. Copy of Aadhaar Card/Voter Id/Driving License/Passport of Proprietor/Partner/Director/Trustee/Karta/Member/Authorised signatory
  3. 2 Passport size photograpgh of Proprietor/Partner/Director/Trustee/Karta/Member/Authorised signatory
  4. Copy of Registration/Incorporation Certificate of Firm/Company/Trust/NGO/AOP
  5. Copy of MOA and AOA/Bye laws/Deed of Partnership firm/Company/Trust/NGO/AOP
  6. Details of products manufactured or services provided by the company
  7. Copy of financial audit report, internal audit report and income tax return of previous 2 years