Patent Registration

Patent registration in Jharkhand

Patents should be registered with the patent office where protection is sought: national, regional (EPO) or international (PCT). The Patenting system in India is governed by the Patents Act, 1970 & The Patents Rules 1972.

TA patent is a grant by the India patent office that allows the patent owner to maintain a monopoly for a limited period of time on the use and development of an invention. This right excludes others from making, processing, producing, using, selling, and importing the product or process in India without patent owner’s consent.

Required Documents for Patent filing in India :

We can file the following types of patent applications in the Indian patent office:

  • Convention Application (within 12 months of the priority date)
  • PCT Application (National phase)-within 31 months of the priority date.
  • National Application (Provisional & non-provisional application)
  1. Application for Grant of Patent in Form 1 in duplicate [section 7, 54 & 135 and Rule 20(1)].
  2. Provisional/Complete specification in Form 2 in duplicate [Section 10; Rule 13]; comprising • Description • Claims • Drawing (if any) • Abstract.
  3. Statement and Undertaking in Form 3 in duplicate [Section 8; Rule 12].
  4. Power of Attorney in Form 26 (in case a patent agent is assigned) (in original) (Rule 3.3 (a)(ii)).
  5. Declaration of Inventor ship in Form 5 in duplicate (only where applicant and inventor[s] are different);(Rule 4.17).
  6. Form 28 (in case the applicant is a small entity) (Rule 2 (fa) & 7).
  7. Certified true copy of the Priority document (in case priority is claimed).
  8. Requisite Statutory fees (Cheque / DD).

Procedure for Patent Registration

Fill Patent application form

All you need to do is complete our simple form and provide your basic information which will be required while filing for patent registration to get a patent.

Why Patent Registration

  • Get royalty by licensing your patent
  • Protection for a period of 20 years in India
  • You can then utilize your invention yourself.
  • Stop others from using your invention without your permission

Advantages of Patent

  • Patent protects invention.
  • Sell or transfer patent right.
  • Patent valid for 20 years.


Q. Is patent right can be exercised all over the world? 

No, because it is a territorial right only can be exercised within the country.

Q. When can we object a patent? 

A patent can be objected in two ways one is pre grant and another post grant. Pre grant can be done within 6 months from the date of publication in the patent journal. Post grant objection can be done within 12 months from grant of patent.

Q. Can I patent an idea in India?

As per law, only inventions can be patented. But there is no express mention in The Patent Act 1970 that ideas can or cannot be patented. The line between idea and invention is very thin because all inventions are ideas before they mature to breakthrough patentable inventions.

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