Proprietorship Firm Registration

Proprietorship firm registration in Jharkhand

A sole proprietorship, also known as the sole trader, individual entrepreneurship or proprietorship, is a type of enterprise that is owned and run by one person and in which there is no legal distinction between the owner and the business entity. A sole trader does not necessarily work ‘alone’—it is possible for the sole trader to employ other people.

Proprietorship in India is a sort of unregistered business substance that is possessed, made due, and constrained by one individual. The miniature and private ventures that are working in the chaotic area lean toward enrolling as a Proprietorship in India. It is extremely simple to begin a sole ownership in India as it has not many administrative compliances for leading organizations. Ownership enrollment is great for the business visionaries who are getting into the business for private ventures with not many customers. The risk of the sole ownerships is restricted and they likewise don’t have interminable presence.
A sole owner is the proprietor of the sole ownership, he is perceived as an element same as the business. As the sole owner is the proprietor of the business he is qualified for all the organization’s income. The sole ownership is totally heavily influenced by the owner. Subsequently, he settles on the choices for the organization.

To maintain a business as a Sole Proprietor a few licenses and allows are required. The permit will rely upon the business, state, and region.

Sole Proprietorship is the most straightforward type of business done in India since it isn’t administered by a particular laws. Under sole ownership’s, the consistence’s are insignificant and simple to satisfy. Sole Proprietorship implies a business carried on by one individual. The direction and the board of the business is in the possession of a solitary individual.

Sole Proprietorship in India is a solitary individual foundation or one individual organization wherein an individual possesses, makes due, controls, carries out and executes his/her business all alone. As it isn’t significantly represented by any law, so it turns into the most straightforward type of carrying on with work in India. It isn’t obligatory to enlist as a sole ownership however to acquire tax reductions individuals truly do enroll their firm as sole ownership. The benefit and misfortunes of an association, both are shared by just a single individual claiming the organization or business.

For opening a current record of the Sole Proprietorship, you should submit evidence of sole ownership business and enrolled office address verification. A GST enrollment, MSME enlistment or a Shops and Establishment Act License goes about as confirmation of the presence of the sole ownership firm.

On the off chance that you don’t have these enrollments, you can present any permit/endorsement gave for your only ownership, for example, work permit, mandi permit, police division authorization/permit, deals charge enlistment authentication, agree to work report gave by the state/focal contamination control board, gram panchayat declaration, shipper exporter code testament, TAN/TIN authentication, and so forth

Required documents for Sole Proprietorship Registration in Jharkhand:

  • PAN Card of the sole Proprietor.
  • ID Proof and Address Proof of the sole Proprietor as Adhar Card, Driving License or passport etc.
  • Rent Agreement, No Objection Certification or Electricity bills of the property where you want to register the business.
  • If Proprietor has owned property the it needs sales deed copy or electricity bills.
  • Bank Statement copy or cancelled cheque copy.
  • Passport Size Photograph

Procedure for Register Sole Proprietorship Firm:

  • Prepare documents required for sole Proprietorship Registration.
  • Apply for MSME + CA Certification or GST Registration as per your business need.
  • Get Certification from the Government after the approval.
  • Apply for a current bank account in any bank with your complete documentation

Limitations and disadvantages of Sole Proprietorship:

There are some disadvantages of sole proprietorship firm:

  • Liability Is Unlimited
  • Difficult to Raise Capital
  • Lenders Are More Wary
  • Owner Controls Everything
  • Liquidation of Business


1. Question: Are you personally liable for your sole proprietorship?

Yes, you are personally liable for your sole proprietorship. While corporations, LLCs and limited liability partnerships gain the benefit of limited liability, sole proprietors generally do not qualify for such protections.

2. Question: Do sole proprietorships need to be registered like LLCs or corporations?

If you own a sole proprietorship, generally you shouldn’t have to go through the same registration hoops as an LLC, limited partnership or corporation. Instead, you can usually just declare your intention to operate as a sole proprietorship.

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