DOT ISP License

To obtain an ISP license, you require a registered company under the Companies Act. You can log on to the Registrar of Companies’ website for more information on how to register a company if you haven’t already registered yours.

The Government of India has come up with one license for all telecom related services, known as a Unified License. Under unified license, the license holder can apply for ISP license for different areas. One must acquire a Unified License under which he will obtain Authorization for providing ISP services for a certain area. Hence, it must be understood that there is no separate ISP license as such. Instead, one must obtain ISP Authorization under the Unified License.

Application Process

  • After you have chosen your ISP license category, you will need to fill out an application form.
  • Along with the form, a non-refundable Processing Fee of INR 15,000/- must be paid by the applicant, along with 2 copies of the application form, by DD/Pay Order from a Schedule Bank payable at New Delhi issued in the name of Pay & Accounts Officer (Headquarter) DOT.
  • Provide all required official documents. 

Documents required

  • A certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the company issued by the Registrar of Companies.
  • A certified copy of Memorandum of Association & Article of Association highlighting the provisions which includes Internet Services under the main objects of the company.
  • Written consent of the company’s board regarding decision of the company to apply for a new ISP Licence and details of the authorized signatory including name and designation along with the specimen signature. This disclosure has to be signed & stamped by a Company Secretary.
  • Certified copy of Form-18 along-with the copy of challan form i.e. GAR-7 (in case registered office address is not mentioned in Certificate of incorporation or the address shown in Certificate of incorporation is different from that given in application form).


Q. What is ISP NAME?

 It will be on your bill from your internet provider ISP = Internet Service Provider. Thaw question you should be asking is I believe what is your SSID. That’s what you name your Wi-Fi connection. Typically by default they are named after your router.

Q. How does an ISP work?

When you connect to your ISP, you become part of their network. The ISP may then connect to a larger network and become part of their network. The Internet is simply a network of networks. Most large communications companies have their own dedicated backbones connecting various regions.